Accounts - VAT

Do the letters V.A.T. or the words H M Customs & Excise send shivers down your spine?

Don’t worry help is at hand!

Our services include: -
  • Advice on registering for V.A.T.
  • Process your V.A.T. registration application
  • Assist you in the quarterly V.A.T. returns
  • Guidance as to the eligible expenditure you can reclaim
  • Help you decide on which method of accounting for V.A.T. will best suit your business
  • De-register from V.A.T. if applicable
  • Give advice and support on the new flat rate scheme
  • Assistance with preparation and a H M Customs & Excise inspection
Tax Planning

This is a very wide subject which we consider each year for all our clients.

However, if you would like a specific aspect to be considered, please contact us.

Tax Enquiries

Enquiries instigated by the Inland Revenue or Customs & Excise can affect any business.

Whatever the business, whatever the situation, we can address these problems.

We have the experience and strength to resist excessive demands, to calculate the tax due and to minimise the disruption and cost of the enquiry.


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